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The average lumberyard or home improvement center today carries a plethora of different types of plywood, giving you a wide selection to choose from. Businesses which specialize in providing architectural trim for cabinetmakers and contractors will have even more choices, especially if you’re looking for hardwood plywood. Of course, not all plywood is created equal, … Read more

Okoume Plywood

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Made with the wood of the Okoume tree and sometimes referred to as Okoume Mahogany, Okoume plywood normally has a very attractive, somewhat lustrous look that makes it suitable for some fine woodworking applications. Its color is typically pinkish-brown to pale red, and its texture is finely uniform. With a straight to barely wavy grain … Read more

Cherry Plywood

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Origin Cherry wood comes from Black Cherry trees which usually grow throughout North America, although is also prevalent in Europe, Central America, and South America. Cultivation of both the wood and the fruits of the tree occurred in Central and South America long before European contact. Now, it can be cultivated wherever it is grown. … Read more