Pressure-treated Plywood

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Pressure-treated wood is the wood of choice when building things which need to be protected from moisture and decay, but where paint or other protective finishes can’t be used. Actually, when we talk about “pressure-treated wood products”, we’re talking about a whole family of products, including dimensional lumber, timbers, railings and plywood. Many people like … Read more

Plywood Glues


What are characteristics that people should look for in plywood glues? Plywood glues are chosen depending upon a variety of characteristics. For starters, only certain types of glues are moisture or water resistant. For plywood meant to be used outside, people will want to look for more moisture or water resistant glues. While it is … Read more

Luan vs Baltic Birch

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Appearance Luan plywood, which is native to the Philippines, can either be white or red in color. This type of plywood also has an intricate, almost textured appearance in its grain. Baltic Birch plywood, on the other hand, does not have an intricate design. It can often be considered dull or plain looking, as it … Read more