Spruce Plywood

spruce, tree, wood, cone, lumber, green, needles, nature

Spruce plywood is a type of wood that fits into the SPF (Spruce, Pine, Fir) class. It is also commonly known as “Whitewood” and tends to be very light in color. Of course, this depends on the exact species of Spruce being used, but in general it is a very lightly colored wood. Furthermore, Spruce … Read more

Cedar Plywood

cedar, tree, wood, river, nature, bush, forest

Cedar is one of the most popular and beautiful softwoods on the market, with a history of usage here in the United States that goes all the way back to the colonial era in New England. Naturally weather resistant, cedar was used by settlers for making shingles and siding for their homes. Today, it is … Read more

Luan Plywood

lauan, white, storm, tree, wood, forest, rainforest, rain, clouds, sky, dark, nature

Luan or Lauan plywood is made from the wood of the “Lauan” tree (i.e. the several Shorea species that are also known as Philippine mahogany or Meranti) found in the South Pacific Rim. It is a medium-grade, relatively light wood that produces a plywood that is much softer than most of the softwood plywood commonly … Read more

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