Stiffen Plywood Subfloor

wood floor, wooden, stiffening, lumber, repairing

We all tend to think of wood as a stiff material; but it’s not. All you have to do is take a thin branch from a tree or even a 1”x 4” and try to bend it to see how flexible wood really is. Of course, the thickness of the wood and the type of … Read more

Remove Dent from Plywood

wood dent, dent, putty, dent repair, repair dent, remove dent, dent removal, dent remove

Plywood is an incredibly durable material, but it can be damaged. If a heavy item has been dropped onto the floor, or a piece of heavy furniture has been sitting for a long time, you might find yourself needing to remove a dent from plywood. Luckily, it is fairly easy to raise a dent, leaving … Read more

Ways of Removing Carpet Glue from Plywood

men, carpet, glue, removal, machine, workers, floor, sanding

The term plywood refers to a whole family of engineered wood products, largely used in the construction of homes and buildings. However, the various types of plywood have found their way into many other products, including furniture, handicrafts and industrial uses. Specialized plywood products have been developed for a wide variety of applications. One of … Read more

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