Using Biscuit Joints for Plywood

biscuit, joints, woodworking

Plywood can be difficult to join together, especially when you are looking to make an invisible joint, where no hardware is exposed. The typical method of attaching pieces of a plywood cabinet casing together at the corners is with nails or screws, leaving a finishing mess. But it’s very easy to split the plywood that way, … Read more

Plywood Scarf and Butt Joints

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Plywood is useful as both a building material as well as making a wide variety of projects. But what do you do when the project you are working on is larger than a sheet of plywood? In homebuilding, this is dealt with by nailing sheets next to each other, so that the edges of both … Read more

How to Make a Miter Joint on Plywood

miter, joint, woodwork, woodworks, box

A miter joint is a type of a joint that is used for joining two edges together to form a corner. The edges of the two pieces that are to be joined through a miter joint have to be cut at 45 degree angles and then joined together to make a right angle. A miter … Read more

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