How to Put Plywood Flooring in an Attic (Over Insulation)

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The average home today doesn’t have enough closet space for the things we own. One way many people like to make up for this is using their home’s attic to provide a little extra storage space, especially if the home doesn’t have a basement that can be used for storage. While attics really aren’t designed … Read more

Nails or Screws for Plywood

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Nails or Screws for Plywood – Which one is More Suitable Plywood in all its various forms, is one of the most extensively used wood products in the world today. We find it used in the construction of houses, crates, furniture and store fixtures. You would find the use of plywood in most of the … Read more

Beaded Plywood Ceiling

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What is it and How to Install It Beaded plywood is a form of plywood that is used as ceiling cover in place of drywall in outdoor areas like a covered porch. It provides a cover for the ceiling and also acts as a décor item as well. Beaded plywood gives character and a unique … Read more

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