Painted Plywood Floors

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Painted plywood floors can be beautiful, and depending on the type of plywood and paint you opt for, these floors can help you save quite a bit of money. Whether you’re working on an attic, a play room for your kids, or even a den, dining room, or other living space, you’ll find that painted … Read more

Installing Under Wallpaper, Murals, and More

Plywood is mostly known for its use in construction and furniture manufacturing. But the various styles of this wood product have many other uses, including some not so well known ones. The large surface area and dimensional stability of plywood make it ideal for many artistic purposes, including installing under wallpaper, creating murals and making … Read more

Plywood Over Linoleum

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Eventually, any linoleum floor reaches a point where it needs replacing. While linoleum is a durable material, highly resistant to abrasion, it can only take so much. Eventually it becomes damaged enough that it has to be replaced. But in most cases, we just plain get tired of it long before that, deciding that it’s … Read more

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