Basic Cabinet Construction

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re building a large number of custom kitchen cabinets for your own home, a simple bathroom vanity or a place to store your tools out in your shop, basic cabinet construction follows a relatively straightforward formula. At their core, cabinets are simply large boxes that are further subdivided into shelves, drawers … Read more

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Solo Handling of Plywood


The large size of plywood sheets (8’ x 4’ US; 125 x 250 cm metric) is ideal for the rapid construction of homes and completion of home improvement projects. However, those large sheets also come with a few problems; most notably how to effectively handle the sheets. The combination of their large, awkward size and … Read more

Cutting Notches in Plywood

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Plywood makes the construction of larger items much easier due to the sheer size of plywood sheets (8’ x 4’; or 125 x 250 cm in Europe). Sheets may be cut to appropriate size readily on a table saw or with a skil saw using a straightedge guide clamped to the wood. However, there are … Read more