How to Make a Miter Joint on Plywood

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A miter joint is a type of a joint that is used for joining two edges together to form a corner. The edges of the two pieces that are to be joined through a miter joint have to be cut at 45 degree angles and then joined together to make a right angle. A miter … Read more

Factors Which Affect Lifespan of Plywood

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Plywood products are considered to be some of the best forms of wood used for construction of houses and office buildings these days. However, despite the many features and qualities that it possesses, there are some concerns regarding the structural integrity and lifespan of plywood in the mind of the people. Questions like, how long would the … Read more

How to fix a Squeaky Plywood Floor

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Plywood floor is sometimes known to squeak and we all find this very annoying, especially if this happens in rooms where people rest and study. A squeaky plywood floor can be very disconcerting and can sometimes even be extremely embarrassing for you. On a more serious note, the squeakiness of the flooring is an indication … Read more