Plywood Truck Cap

clamping spindle frame

Plywood and pickup trucks have a longstanding relationship with each other. While the most obvious part of that relationship being plywood riding home from the lumberyard in the back of the trucks, truck owners have used plywood to make a number of modifications to their truck beds, including inserts and caps. Properly done, these can … Read more

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DIY Dance Floor

diy, installing dance floor

Dancers can be pretty picky about the surface they dance on. I can understand that, having a daughter who is a professional ballerina and having been a bit of a dancer myself, when I was younger. Dancing on the wrong sort of surface can be extremely dangerous, to the point of causing some serious injuries; … Read more

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Wooden Computer Case

wooden computer case, pc, vent

Computers have become a household norm in much of the industrialized world. While not everyone owns a computer, roughly 90% of American households have at least one computer. While laptops have become the norm for a lot of people, as their prices have approached that of desktop units, there are still plenty of desktop computers … Read more

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