Glider Swing

glider swing, hanger bar, screw eye, vertical supports, base

There’s something a bit old world about a porch swing. It conjures up images of people sitting in the shade of their porch on a warm Sunday afternoon, drinking lemonade and talking to their neighbors; hearkening back to a time when life was simpler, the pace was slower, and we all had time to relax … Read more

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How to Install Window Well Covers

basement, window well covers

Having a basement in a home adds much-needed space. Unfortunately, not all homes come with them. But for those which do, the extra space can be used for storage or converted to additional living space, as the owner prefers. But that extra space doesn’t come without some potential for problems. Basements can flood and animals … Read more

Teddy Bear Rocking Cradle

teddy bear rocking cradle

Many of the projects that DIY woodworkers build are for the use of their family. A need or even desire in the family is seen as an opportunity to show off our skills, making something that will hopefully be appreciated and used. Hence, when my youngest daughter became pregnant, it was a good time to … Read more

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