Tongue and Groove Plywood

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Often used to install subflooring over framing joists, tongue and groove plywood creates a stable base and is surprisingly easy to install. You’ll find that there are many types of tongue and groove plywood available, including those manufactured specifically for decking, subfloor, and siding projects. Types of Tongue and Groove Plywood First conceived in the … Read more

Furniture Grade Plywood

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Definition Although you hear the term “furniture grade plywood” bandied around from time to time (usually by people who don’t know any better), there really is no such thing. Furniture is an application in which plywood is used; but there is no such grade of plywood. Rather, the term “furniture grade” is a loosely used … Read more

Pine Plywood

pine, plywood, board, stacked, wood, lumber, sheet, woodworking, panels, thick

Pine is the most common type of wood used for the manufacture of plywood products of all types. Construction-grade softwood plywood is almost all made of some type of pine. This is mostly because pine is an inexpensive wood to buy, due to its commonality and high growth rate. Of all the woodlands in the United … Read more

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