Attic Insulation Removal

attic, insulation, fiberglass batts

Unknown to a lot of people, the insulation in a home’s attic is the most important part of any home’s insulation. That is a simple application of thermodynamics, something we all learned in elementary school. That is that heat rises. Since it rises, it is much more effective to stop it from rising out through … Read more

Remove Double Sided Tape from Wood

tape, wooden floor

Natural wood products are beautiful. Who doesn’t like the warmth and intrigue of how the wood’s grain appears, whether straight, swirly or burls. Contrasting grain has a visual appeal that doesn’t show up in other materials. But that beautiful piece of wood can easily become damaged by the wrong adhesive. People use various adhesive products, … Read more

Value of a Finished Attic

attic, floor, walls, finished

One important consideration for any remodeling project is how much it will cost. Tied with that is the ROI (return on investment) when it comes time to sell the home. It’s rare to find a remodeling project with a 100% ROI, but finish an attic is pretty far up there on the list. Over and … Read more

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