Wooden Bed Leg

bed frame, bed leg, wooden

By and large, wood bed frames are more attractive than metal ones. While there are a few styles of metal bed frames which have a headboard and footboard, making them much more attractive, the majority of metal bed frames are merely support for the mattress, without providing any decorative elements. While these can be convenient, … Read more

Cost to Replace Plywood Subfloor

installing plywood subfloor

When a home’s subflooring becomes rotted, either due to a roofing leak or a plumbing leak, the subfloor has to be removed and replaced. This is a safety issue, so it’s not something to be left for another day. By the time the homeowner notices it, the rotting has probably reached the point where there’s … Read more

Sistering Joists

sistered joists, sistering floor joists

Working on older homes presents the carpenter or woodworker with special problems. As homes age, there are a number of things that can go wrong with them, some of which can be quite serious. Of these, structural problems are generally the worst. Structural problems can refer to a variety of differing things, ranging from problems … Read more

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