Best Paint

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Painting is one of the most, if not the most, common ways of finishing wood. While it can be argued that painting hides the natural beauty of wood, which some people would call less attractive, there are many cases in which paint is the best finish to use. The only question is which paint is … Read more Best Paint

Vernier Caliper

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Calipers are perhaps the most common instrument in existence for accurate measurement. By “accurate” I’m referring to something more accurate than you can accomplish with a ruler. While we may not think about it, woodworking regularly requires this degree of accuracy. Fitting a mortise and tenon, making a segmented shape like an octagon or a … Read more Vernier Caliper

Bar Dimensions

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If you’re remodeling a game room or setting your family room for entertaining, one of the things you might want to include is a bar. A bar becomes a nice place to congregate and talk, instantly providing a relaxed atmosphere, while providing you with a convenient space to serve drinks and even snacks from. Believe … Read more Bar Dimensions

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