Plywood Shelves

garage shelf, shelf width, frames, legs

It seems like everyone needs more shelves, no matter how many they have. Shelves are useful for storing things, organizing them or putting them on display. They can take otherwise wasted space and turn it into usable space, making the home more livable. There’s really no such thing as too many shelves; and plywood makes … Read more

Board and Batten

board wall, batten wall, painted wall, chair rail, baseboard, battens

Board and batten style has made a resurgence lately. While many people think of it as a “modern style,” it is one that actually goes back over 200 years. Farmers, many of whom were European immigrants, used board and batten style to build their barns, because it was an easy way for people who were … Read more

Ditra Over Plywood

floor preparation, ditra

Ceramic tile provides a lower cost, extremely durable alternative to hardwood flooring and is much easier to keep clean than carpeting. While not all that hard to install, tile and stone do pose some specific challenges that don’t exist with other types of flooring. To counter these challenges, it is typical to install a vapor … Read more

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