DIY Panel Door

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Panel doors do a lot to improve the richness of a home’s interior wood trim. Considering that the trim is one of the defining characteristics of finer homes, upgrading the trim is an excellent way of making a house look more valuable than it originally was. One of the best such ways of upgrading a … Read more DIY Panel Door

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Hanging Bed

bed frame construction, plywood bed decking

A somewhat unusual option, for people who are looking for a minimalistic or even industrial style of decorating, is to install a hanging bed, rather than a more traditional bed on a frame. While there are a number of people who manufacture hanging beds and hanging bed kits, the majority of people who decide to … Read more Hanging Bed

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How to Make a Yurt

lattice, latticework

Tents have taken on many different forms throughout the years. While today they are mostly used for nothing more than camping trips, there have been many cultures in the past, which lived full-time in one sort of tent or another. The American Indians were one of these, as well as the Mongolian Empire. The Mongolian … Read more How to Make a Yurt

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