Camping Pods

connecting bows, spline, gusset plate

Camping has been around since the beginning of human history. Long before our ancestors built the first towns or even houses, they lived in a variety of different sorts of tents. While that wasn’t camping to them, it had a lot in common with what we would call camping today. Even today there are nomadic … Read more

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How to Make Wooden Climbing Holds

carved climbing hold, laminated plywood, wall

The sport of rock climbing has been around since the late 19th century. That’s not to say though, that people didn’t climb cliff faces before then. The Mesa Verde cave dwellings were inhabited from 550 to 1300 AD and those probably aren’t the oldest example of man scaling cliff faces. Assassins, ninjas and other specialized … Read more

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Wooden Reindeer

pattern, wooden, reindeer

Christmas is coming. Actually, Christmas is always coming. Just ask any truly dedicated aficionado of this joyous holiday and they’ll tell you that the next Christmas season starts on December 26th. My wife starts Christmas shopping during the after-Christmas sales and plays Christmas music most of the year long. For those of us who make … Read more

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