Cordless Drill Charging Station

cordless tool storage, drill rack

Back when I bought my first cordless drill, almost half a century ago, they weren’t all that common. That drill/driver, which was a professional grade tool, was rather expensive and extremely weak by today’s standards. The 7.2 volt battery didn’t provide the oomph of today’s cordless tools, required longer to charge and the smaller battery … Read more

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End Grain Butcher Block Cutting Boards

walnut, oak, maple, cutting board

Making a cutting board seems to be one of those projects that every woodworker gets around to, sometime or other. Whether it’s early on in their woodworking journey or later, we all end up hitting a point where we decide that we need a cutting board and make one, rather than taking the more pedestrian … Read more

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Glider Swing

glider swing, hanger bar, screw eye, vertical supports, base

There’s something a bit old world about a porch swing. It conjures up images of people sitting in the shade of their porch on a warm Sunday afternoon, drinking lemonade and talking to their neighbors; hearkening back to a time when life was simpler, the pace was slower, and we all had time to relax … Read more

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