Cob Oven

cob oven, oven, wood, stone

The basic cob oven has been around since the 13th century, but similar ovens, made of similar materials, have been used in other countries, much earlier than that. We find similar materials used in every continent on the Earth, and even similar styles of ovens. But cob itself is an English term, which was first … Read more Cob Oven

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DIY Plyo Box

diy,plyo,box,drill and countersink

Plyo, short for plyometric exercise, is a form of extreme aerobics, involving a lot of jumping and rapid stretching of large muscle groups. The exercises are intended to cause muscles to exert maximum force in short, quick intervals of time. This pushes the muscles to their maximum effort and endurance, stimulating muscles in a way … Read more DIY Plyo Box

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Wood Bathtub

wood bathtub, wooden

Woodworkers are constantly finding new and fancier ways to use their materials to improve our homes and lives. Even so, there is one room of the house which has defied the attention of woodworkers; the bathroom. It seems that bathrooms just aren’t all that conducive to wood, perhaps because of all the water found in … Read more Wood Bathtub

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