Kreg Jig Cabinet Doors

kreg jig, rails, stiles

Kreg Tool is one of many small tool manufacturers who produce a limited line of really excellent tools. It’s hard to say what they are best known for, but their pocket hole jig has revolutionized the way that cabinetry is made, providing a fast, easy and accurate way of making pocket holes, allowing wood framework, … Read more

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Convert Attic to Bedroom

attic, bedroom

One of the most compelling reasons to remodel a home is to gain additional living space. Many couples buy their family home shortly after marrying and end up with a home that’s too small for their growing family. This leaves them with two options: sell their home and buy another or find a way to … Read more

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Attic Closet

attic, closet framing

Closet space is at a premium in most homes. It seems that our possessions continue to multiply, while homes are built with less places to put them. Unless the home is custom built, there is never enough closet space, nor is there a storage room. Converting attic space into usable living space is a great … Read more

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